Chestnut Blanket

Chestnut Blanket

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Our well loved blankets are known for their many uses. 
Perfect as a throw on the end of your bed, layered on a daybed or couch. 
Cosying up by the fire at night, or watching the sun set over the ocean. 
Posted to loved ones afar - the next best thing to a real life hug.
A wonderful oversized wrap, or an extra chunky scarf... It's yours to get creative.

Hand woven in Nepal on majestic wooden looms using a soft, unique yarn and finished with perfectly twisted tassels.

Cool hand wash & dry with care.


TASMAN: this campaign came to life in Eaglehawk Neck. A small coastal town that perfectly embodies what this collection represents - experiencing the slow, Tasmanian shack life. Being magnetically drawn to the sea, Tasman as a namesake only felt natural. Naturally gravitating towards wearing these pieces for morning strolls on the rugged coastline, days spent exploring and communal dinners on cool nights by the fire. Effortlessly layering, bringing comfort and warmth to each day...

Feeling true serenity, peace, and stepping away from all distractions.


Hobo & Hatch have had the life-changing experience of volunteering in Nepal & have built up a wonderful relationship with the people that make these special pieces.

By purchasing from this range you’ve helped make a small difference in the lives of others. We will continue to donate our time & funds with direct sponsorships and donations to the Nepalese community that touched our hearts & forever changed our soul.

May you find beauty in every season.

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