About May Home Store

There's something about the feeling of coming home, the sound of the door clicking closed behind you that signals a pleasant shift toward familiar comforts, offering the promise of shelter from the noise and clutter of the outside world. Within home, there is authenticity; it is where the simple joys of weekend pancakes, morning coffees and long evening meals are shared.
It's where family card games are played, books are read, masterpieces drawn and blanket cubby houses built.

For us, regardless of how many times we've moved near or far, where we've resided big or (very) small, as a young couple & now (still young we'd like to think!) family of 4 - home, is both the foundation from where we grow & the sanctuary we retreat to.

We believe in elevating everyday moments and celebrating the beauty in simplicity. We thoughtfully curate our collections to blend functionality and natural style with a lean to handcrafted wares that we love to share with you!

May Home Textiles

Fairtrade Certified. Environmentally Sustainable. Ethically Handmade.

We started with a simple vision to see ethically hand crafted products made with the timeless, natural style that we loved. 12 years ago, our journey took us to Ethiopia and our partnership began!

Taking on a thoughtful approach to production, we work with an incredible team of skilled artisans using only locally grown, ultra-soft Ethiopian cotton (hand spun for our throws), environmentally friendly dyes (no nasties) and nurture slower production methods weaving each product on traditional wooden looms.

Our focus is supporting the futures and families of our artisans.  Through your support and the sale of every May Home piece we are able to help provide safe work environments, sustainable employment as well as health care, education and additional financial support to each of our talented makers based all over Ethiopia!

May Home Store is an invitation to create a home sanctuary. A welcoming space of rest and calm to retreat to.

Our values the heart of all we do.


We believe life shouldn’t be cluttered or complex, and that a foundation of simplicity sets the stage for more considered purchases and fosters closer connections. We choose quality over qunatity.


We believe that conscious production is better for people and the planet, and select high-quality, artisan-made goods that fairly support their makers and wisely use resources.


We believe a home should be a harmonious reflection of it’s inhabitants. Our products cater to humans - big and small, inviting all ages to cohabitate, joyfully, in shared spaces.


We believe even the smallest act of generosity can be powerfully restorative. We cultivate a culture of generosity with our time, our thoughts, as well as with our resources through donating to causes close to our hearts.

Water for Africa

Through every purchase we support
“Water for Africa”, an incredible organisation providing clean drinking water, medical aid and empowering vulnerable families in Tanzania and Uganda.

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