Have you ever had one of those 'pinch yourself' moments, when you find yourself in a place you've thought about for so long and then, in what feels like a heartbeat - you're actually there? As our 5 year old would be repeating, 'for real life!' (if you're a parent of a small child who watches Bluey, you know.) Well, this was me, standing (now 3 months ago) in the doorway of our great adventure, May Home Store. Alongside me, my little tribe of loved ones, parents and friends - cheering on this beautiful dream I've held for so long. And now - the dream is in full flight!

Since our launch in May, there's been countless hours spent mulling over ideas, boxes to unpack, new stock arriving, social media to update, counting, cleaning and creating, all alongside the regular rhythms of life. So right now, it feels like a timely reminder to take a nice deep breath and to live a little more kindly and gently with ourselves, myself included.

So, this season, we're leaning into ways we can focus on being over doing. Learning to be present in the moment, in the (often short) amounts of time we catch by ourselves, in making meaningful memories with our family and in developing rich and authentic connection with those around us.

Focus on being over doing.

With the launch of our brand new website, I thought it was a great time to launch our journal which will act as a space for us to learn together, where we can share tips on creating a warm, thoughtful and simplified home life as well as nurture ideas that spark and inspire a wholehearted life. From effortless ways to live more sustainably to a recipe for the best ever brownies (more on that to come!) - we're here for it all.

Of course, this is as much a blog as it is a conversation, so if you have ideas you'd love to share, feedback or questions, please comment below or send me an email to laura@mayhomestore as I'd love to hear from you.

Until next time, I'm so grateful you're here.

Warmly & gratefully,



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