There are few things that spark more joy for me than fresh flowers!  I'm not fussy...I love sweet little bunches of wild flowers, arm fulls of chamomile or a single stem handpicked from the side walk by one of my boys - all will equally delight me!

So, when one of our lovely customers mentioned she also happened to be a lover of florals (even more than me!) I immediately knew we would be friends!

Sheena is one of the loveliest people you'll come across!  She is so full of life, incredibly creative, so much fun, and I know you'll absolutely love her too!

image of sheena from a floral trail smiling

You can meet Sheena in person during our Seasonal Pop In from 1st - 5th March on Friday and Saturday mornings.  Prebook a spot to Make a Posy with her and bring home some beautiful, locally grown florals to enjoy!

Image of floral arrangement at May Home Store

Welcome! Please briefly introduce yourself!

Hi! I’m Sheena Marshall. I lived the first half of my life in Malaysia (think sticky weather, iced lemon teas, & spicy hot foods all day everyday). I moved to Adelaide to go to uni, fell in love with this part of the world (& a wonderful guy called Dylan) & STAYED!

I officially started “A Floral Trail” almost 2 years ago because my friends & family started ordering flowers from me.

Prior to that, for years I simply “played“ with flowers. I attended workshops, foraged for foliage in my neighbourhood & treated myself to the occasional bunch of flowers to practice my “arranging” skills.

I can't imagine how wonderful it is to work with such beautiful flowers everyday! What inspired your love of florals?

I think I’ve always been drawn to how flowers make me feel - HAPPY!

This is how much I love flowers: I once crashed my car because I was too busy making sure my flowers were upright. The flowers were unscathed, the car was another story!

My encounter/s with Rebecca of Ponder Posy (who is now my dear friend, mentor & flower hero to this day) really inspired me to pursue floristry. She taught me to appreciate flowers in their natural imperfect state, to see the beauty in everything (even twigs & weeds) & to create with what the seasons provided. I found that flowers became a source of solace for me & brought me joy in times where I really needed it.

“A Floral Trail” is my little space to share the fun, beauty & joy of flowers with others!

photo of Sheena from A floral trail at May Home Store

What's your favourite time of year and why?

Autumn! I love the colours, the leaves falling & the wildflowers doing one more push to BLOOM before everything slowly starts to settle into rest!

What's your most loved corner of your home and why?

My front lounge which I’ve called my sunroom! It gets the most light & is the space where I like being quiet & reflective while spying on the antics of the birds on my street!

What do you do to slow down, rest or replenish yourself?

I drive to the Adelaide Hills to collect flowers from growers, take naps, go on brunch dates, read books & meander through markets & little stores. I also love staycations in this beautiful city (sometimes on my own)!

Do you have any daily routines or rhythms that help you embrace a more intentional lifestyle?

I start my day by reading or doing a really gentle meditation using the Pause App. I try to finish my day in a similar fashion, but this time with a little bit of chocolate in hand!

Have you got a great piece of advice, quote or word of inspiration to share?
“It’s never a waste to spend money on books, flowers or dessert!”

Do you have a favourite May Home Store product?

My Winterwares vase & Caffeine Free Chai from Love Tea.

What is something you're looking forward to?

Where this journey of flowers will take me. I never (ever) planned to have a business or anything like it! This part of my life has been a very pleasant & completely unexpected surprise!

Please share with us any social media so we know where to follow along with your journey!

Find me on Instagram @afloraltrail

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images of Adelaide grown flowers in vases
Image of Adelaide Flowers at May Home Store

Prebook a spot to Make a Posy or Pick up a Posy during our Seasonal Pop In and bring home some beautiful, locally grown florals to enjoy!

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