Cups of tea, candle light, soft music, your favourite handmade mug, layered textiles - a sanctuary of calm tucked away from the noise of the world.

My dreamy vision of May Home Store has always been to create a home away from home that felt like a welcoming space to gather inspiration, beautiful goods and offer a moment of pause.
May Home Store candle next to handmade vase on mantle in a home.

While my heart remains the same - we've now decided to shift our opening times and introduce, Seasonal Pop In's!

Like nature, we'll be working in rhythms.

Through times of grounding and growing - our in store experience will be closed while we bunker down, plan and get creating.  Then, there will be times of expansion and celebration and oh so many beautiful things!

We'll swing wide our doors and be open once again for limited times when we can gather in store together and share with you all the goodness of the season!

We've called them Seasonal Pop In's because we'll be hosting them with a purposeful nod to the season they're within. 

Drawing attention to the beauty of the present moment and helping us all to pause for a brief moment in time.

We might have called them pop-ups, but really, when you visit friends, you simply pop in to say hello; and you're more than friends, you're family.  So inviting you to come over and 'pop in', just felt right.

Of course, operating this way also makes space for us to pour more value into our journal right here which we're building as a free resource to inspire a gentler lifestyle and all the tips and hints to help you create a calm home.

Our online store will remain open for you to shop and we'll continue to beautifully wrap and deliver our collections direct to your door or those you love all year round!

Our first Seasonal Pop In will be hosted on the 1st-5th of March, 2023 and I'd love so much for you to come and join us for a cup of tea!  There'll be your familiar, favourite products as well as some new additions, there's the promise of fresh flowers and word has it, there'll be brownies too, so you don't want to miss it!  I can't wait to see you there!

Laura x

PS - I'd love to know if there are areas of home design, approaching a slower lifestyle, minimal living or any areas you'd love to hear more about, so please reach out by email follow us on instagram or leave a comment below!

Invitation to May Home Store Seasonal Pop Up Shop in Norwood.  Event Details from 1st - 5th March 2023.
Inside May Home Store in Adelaide showing natural homewares and person walking in front of handmade products


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