Marie-Pier and I first met around 7 years ago when we had started doing a design market right here in Adelaide.  I was enamored by her stunning range of hand crafted jewellery (and her Canadian accent) and we immediately became dear friends.  Her pieces are housed in some of the most renowned galleries around the world and this weekend we're so excited to have her bring her permanent jewellery to May Home Store!

Permanent jewellery is a luxurious fine chain that is perfectly fitted and painlessly welded to your wrist, neck or ankle to create a seamless piece of jewellery to be worn continuously for as long as you wish.

It represents the ultimate friendship bracelet or sentimental token to share with your friend, sister, mother or partner.  It's also perfect to commemorate a special moment or celebrate a milestone.

For all the info on her stunning newly launched range of Permanent Jewellery - find out more here!  To make your booking for this weekend visit here

Welcome! Please briefly introduce yourself!

Hi! I’m Marie-Pier :) I’m a French Canadian who’s been living in Adelaide for over 18 years. In 2011, I started my brand of stainless steel jewellery called Days of August, and recently have started offering Permanent Jewellery as an experience for my customers.

Permanent Jewellery on a woman at May Home Store

I love the idea of permanent jewellery! What inspired you to offer it here in Adelaide?

I first encountered in when I was in the USA and Canada last year - I thought the idea of getting a fine chain welded onto your wrist was such a lovely way to commemorate a moment, celebrate a milestone, or create a memory with someone you love. I started looking at where I could get it done in Adelaide, and came up short. I thought it would be a great opportunity to bring the experience here, as I was sure Australians would love the concept just as much.

What is the most memorable piece of jewellery you've fitted on someone?

I had a lady come get a permanent bracelet with her two daughters. Each of the daughters chose a different chain - one was silver and the other was gold. When it was the mother’s turn, she asked me to make her a bracelet made from half of each chain, to represent both of her daughters. I thought that was really special - and such a sweet idea!

Image of Permanent Jewellery on woman holding design books

What's your favourite time of year and why?

Autumn, for sure! I love the crispness in the air, the transformation of the trees in their vibrant colours, and the chance to cozy up with sweaters, coats and scarves.The candles and the blankets also come out, and we snuggle in. It’s the best.

What's your most loved corner of your home and why?

There is a particular corner of my living room that I especially love. It’s a chaise longue on the couch, right next to the glass balcony doors overlooking the park. On a small table next to it is a lamp, a candle, and usually a cup of coffee. The record player is also near by. It’s such a comfortable place. Perfect to unwind. The only thing missing is a fireplace! I wish my Australian home had one.

What do you do to slow down, rest or replenish yourself?

Mainly spend time in that aforementioned spot! Whether it’s snuggling up with my fiancé and/or puppy while watching a movie or reading a good book or magazine, I feel it’s one of the fastest ways to recharge my batteries. A good bubble bath will also do the trick. If I’m heading out of the house, I find walking the dog on the beach or catching up with friends over coffee always refills my cup (Pardon the pun!) I know these things sound so cliché, but they genuinely bring me so much joy and calmness.

Do you have any daily routines or rhythms that help you embrace a more intentional lifestyle?

For sure! My morning routine is what sets me up. If I miss it, I feel off kilter for the rest of the day. As soon as I wake up I take our Black Labrador puppy Ivy for a walk in the dog park. Gently moving my body and being in nature first thing has really changed how better I feel in the morning.Then it’s time for that sacred cup of coffee! I take a moment to reflect and journal, followed by planning my days and prioritising tasks in my favourite organisational app, Notion. From there, it’s either getting on the computer or on the tools to start work!

What are your favourite May Home Store product/s?

The scarves - hands down! I’ve been buying them for years and I have quite the extensive collection now. I even have some styles in more than one colour, including lighter summer ones and cosy winter ones. I’m always so happy when I swap my wardrobe between seasons because I get to rediscover the scarves that have been stored away for months!

What is something you're looking forward to?

Oh, so many things! I’ve lined up more events to bring the permanent jewellery experience to our Adelaide and Melbourne customers and I’m so excited! My new collection will be launching on July 1st, along with a fresh website. I’m also planning a pop-up at the Guggenheim Museum in New York before the end of the year - I can’t wait! It’s a huge honour to be invited to showcase my work in such a prestigious and iconic venue. I’m also getting married in October, so the next few months will definitely be filled with memorable moments.

Please share with us any social media so we know where to follow along with your journey!

My instagram handle is @daysofaugust and you can find all my work and more information about our events and our permanent jewellery experience at

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