A heartfelt farewell

A heartfelt farewell

Well friends, the time has come for us to say farewell to our sweet little May Home Store. After 10 years of running Once Was Lost and then nearly 3 years since we launched May Home Store we have made the challenging decision to close our business in the coming weeks.

For me, marking 10 years of owning and operating my own businesses as well as turning 40 early next year! (Yes, it’s happening), it just seemed like the right time to round out a decade of business ownership and prepare to enter a brand new chapter.

I launched May Home Store with the vision to encourage a slower more sustainable pace of living - a lesson I’m possibly just now fully learning and embracing myself.

I had hoped to create a sanctuary that people could enter into and instantly feel the outside world melt away. A place customers would be welcomed into as family and nurtured. Like a big deep breath in and out, I wanted to curate a space where you would feel calm and rested…and just maybe you’d be able to transfer some of that tranquility into your own home and lives too.

I never expected it to become so much more than a store. That it would bring so many people together, that I’d meet so many wonderful new friends and that it would grow me so much as a creative and as a Mum.

Right now for us, we are all in good health and while our business ventures are taking a pivot, I’ll continue to share here musings and encouragements from time to time.

Our final pop in date will be on Friday - Sunday 10th - 12th November and we’ll be doing an exceptional clearance sale, so come along for that and to spend time in our little space and share a cup of tea, I’d love that!

From the bottom of my heart, thank you so deeply for all your love, support and friendship. May Home Store simply would not have been possible without you.

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