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Part of the joy of building the May Home Store experience, was thinking about our packaging and the ways we could create something extra special when you opened your parcel whether you had visited us in store or shopped online.

It needed to be environmentally friendly, aesthetically beautiful, practical and thoughtful to carry your goods to their new home. Enter...our cotton gift bags!

May Home Store - 8 ways to reuse our cotton bags

'The details aren't the details. They make the design.' - Charles Eames

Not only do they remind me of opening a bag full of wrapped treats on Christmas morning - they're versatile to use every single day! Here's 8 of our favourite ways we re-use ours.

As a grocery bag - Calico bags are a perfect eco-friendly and long-lasting solution for your grocery shopping. Keep a bunch of them in your car, so you've always got some to hand.

May Home Store - Cotton Gift bag filled with fresh apples.

Lunch/Snacks bags - If you take a packed lunch to work, why not reuse our calico bags as lunch bags? This way, you can keep your lunch separate from your other personal belongings. 

To store books, notepads, drawing supplies, etc. - If, like me, you have an ever-growing collection of stationery, you'll know how easily things can become cluttered. Our calico drawstring bags offer a fab way to organise and separate these items. Plus, they are durable enough to hold heavy books. You can, pop them in your handbag to carry them with you, then store them in drawers or neatly stand them up on a shelf.

May Home Store Cotton Bag filled with notebook and pencil

To organise cupboards - If you open your cabinets and are greeted with disorganised chaos, you likely won't feel the peaceful ambience you want to create at home. Calico bags can help you create calm by grouping everything together. They are particularly great for bric-a-brac drawers and cupboards where it is always hard to find what you need.

Cosmetic and toiletry storage - Bathroom cabinets can quickly become a mess with drawers and cupboards full of loose items. We use our calico bags to reorder our bathroom by separating and storing everything in its own bag. For example, makeup in one, hairbrushes in another, and nail varnishes in another.

May Home Store Bag with makeup brushes

Bread bags - If you've mastered the perfect sourdough (or are still working on it), you'll be pleased to hear that our reusable calico bags make the ideal storage for freshly baked goods. Just be sure to give them a quick wash beforehand!

Packing cubes for holidays - Avoid using plastic bags or buying packing cubes to separate the items in your luggage. Instead, reuse your calico bags to keep all your socks, underwear, and other small things together. Plus bring a few extra bags to keep your dirty laundry separate from your clean clothes when you come home. 

May Home Store Bag with childrens toys

Travel toy bags - If you're a parent, you'll find even more uses for our calico bags. Because of the drawstring style, they make excellent 'on-the-go' children's toy bags for adventures, play dates and holidays. As the bags are lightweight, you can fill them with your children's favourite things. Then, give them as 'travel goody bags' to keep your children entertained during long car journeys.

Want a calico bag of your own? Simply shop online, and your May Home products will be lovingly packaged into one for you to enjoy!

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